Are you interested in taking advantage of the opportunities in the private equity world?  We'll get you connected.

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Advisor in the pre-acquisition phase:
As a potential board member, you will work with the investor in the pre-acquisition phase and support the due diligence projects with your market and industry expertise.

This is the ideal way to get to know the private equity world and your potential future company in detail. If successful, you will have the opportunity to co-invest and play a significant role in the success of the acquired company.

Advisory/NED board member, CEO, CFO, COO of a portfolio company:
We will place you in the most senior positions.
Assuming we know each other well, and have mutually agreed that a private equity situation could be the right next step for you. Private Equity is a bit different!

Alphaskill is specialised in supporting senior executives to find a productive and sensible approach to connect and work with PE firms. We will help you understand and succeed in the uniqueness of the PE world.

We are always keen on expanding our network and getting to know you as a successful executive or non-executive director. We spend a lot of time and energy making new connections.


  • We understand private equity
  • We prepare you thoroughly
  • You can talk straight to us
  • We never waste your time
  • We are discreet and confidential
  • We support you long-term – if that’s what you want



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