„The most important decisions that business people make, are not WHAT decisions but WHO decisions”
We know WHO !

“Alphaskill convinced us with their quick turnaround and highly relevant introductions”


We (PE fund) are analysing the German market for investment opportunities in the specialty packaging sector, and we would like to get in contact with experienced advisors from this sector.”

We (PE Fund) are in the bidding process for the ABC eCommerce Company. We have read the IM, but are naturally skeptical in some places. In 3 weeks bids are due and we are looking for an experienced CEO who can validate the IM statements from practical experience and adapt our investment proposition. “

We (PE Fund) are a few weeks away from signing a carve-out of the XY Corporation. We will need a complete management team with carve-out experience. This is a proprietary situation and therefore highly confidential. We are aware that this makes the search very challenging, but we can only sign when we have the right leadership team. It must go quickly. “


We (Alphaskill) met the former CEO of a leading healthcare service provider. He had an interesting opinion on imminent consolidation in the market. We know you are interested in the industry and we would like to introduce you”.

Did you know that 123 Company is on the market? The xy bank has the sale mandate and the teaser will appear next week. We have already spoken to some executives in the industry and have heard promising statements about the 123 Company. We would be happy to introduce you.”


We work on a project basis and exclusively with one client per transaction in each case.
We put every inquiry through a rigorous conflict of interest check to ensure there are no overlaps between projects.

With a few selected customers, we conclude annual retainer contracts and become an extended part of their team.


Primarily, we are specialists in private equity transactions. Our sector expertise follows the transaction activity of private equity funds.

Examples, by sector:

Mechanical Engineering, Robotics & Automation, Equipment, Packaging, Special Chemicals

Health Care:
Med-Tech, Rehabilitation & Nursing Homes, 
Healthcare Services

Fashion, Luxury, eCommerce, B2C, 
Consumer Services

Technology / Media / Telecom (TMT):
Digital business models, Software, Technology Services, Tech Infrastructure

Business Services:
Facility Management, Industrial & Infrastructure Services, Testing & Inspection


Our objective is to ensure the success of your desired transaction.
Your portfolio firms should be led by the best possible management team.

We use advanced tools, the latest technology and a continually improving network with leading databases. We understand the demands of private equity clients based on our many years of cooperation. We work with a large, constantly expanding network of senior managers with PE experience. We listen to you very carefully to identify and select your potential future management based on rigorous and sophisticated evaluation systems.

Our service model can be adapted to any deal situation.

We do a lot of things differently! You will notice the difference very quickly in a face to face conversation.


We are delighted that you are interested in Alphaskill

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